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Magazine Style Videos | 16 May 2017


Energy is metamorphosed in this body, which, in a perpetual motion, is choked in castle and in a tangle. She pauses to inhale. Intense. The breathtaking wisp is deafening, but it is this that keeps the body aware, seeking a route to escape.


Jumper, trousers and shoes Luís Buchinho 
Rings Joana Santos, at the Scar-id Store
Earrings Filipe Fonseca

Biquini and Kimono Katty Xiomara
Ring Joana Santos, at scar-id Store

Blazer and Trousers Pedro Neto
Bracelet Sofia Gomes, at scar-id Store
Tennis shoes Friendly Fire, at The Feeting Room

Dress, shirt and boots Alves/Gonçalves
Glasses Christian Dior, in Óptica do Bolhão

Trousers and Blazer Gonçalo Peixoto
Jumper Carla Pontes, at scar-id Store
Necklace Carolina Curado, at The Feeting Room
Shoes Guava, at The Feeting Room

Trousers, Top and Raincoat Júlio Torcato
T-Shirt +351, at The Feeting Room
Necklace WEK, at scar-id Store

Bomber Olimpia Davide, at scar-id Store
Dress Native Youth, at The Feeting Room 
Earrings Carolina Curado, at The Feeting Room

Skirt, coat and boots Alves Gonçalves
Earrings TelmaDa, at scar-id Store



Text Cátia Fernandes
Video Isadora Faustino
Photography Alexander Moreira & Diogo Pires
Styling Tânia Dioespirro
Hair and Makeup Minimal Concept
Model Carla Sofia, Best Models
Special Thanks Maus Hábitos - Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, Scar-Id Store, Óptica do Bolhão, The Feeting Room

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