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Architecture | 08 Jul 2016



Situated in the privacy of a forest in Canada, FAHOUSE is an impressive house that seems to emerge from a children`s story. Exploiting the contrasts between light and opacity, the architect Jean Verville designed a house for a young couple and two children, inspired by the imaginary of the surrounding space. The collaboration between the architect and the family, and the close complicity that emerged throughout the construction, promoted a shared enthusiasm resulting in building quality and flawless finishing. The outside space was fully tapped and the house is in permanent contact with nature, through the glass walls that characterize the residence. The imagery of the enchanted forest was also explored, offering to the children the opportunity to live a fairy tale. The result is an impressive house that combines perfectly the infant universe with the adulthood.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Maxime Brouillet

Jean Verville Architecte


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