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Five Fields Play Structure

Art + Culture | 03 Aug 2017



This is a structure, in Lexington, Massachusetts, that Matter Design & FR|SCH Projects designed with the aim of having no well-marked purpose. The intention is that this is a place where one can be childish – for both children and adults – and, due to that, liberation was privileged instead of functionality and standards. The idea is to cultivate the “imagination through play”.
This goal is reached through stairs that do not touch the ground, of volumes that overlap each other and create hidden places. Of little, but varied spaces that invite one to play, with creativity. This means that the space was designed so that those who try it may use it without finding a precise way to do so. There are visual, kinesthesic and auditory that provide different experiences.
Five Fields Play Structure was built in Five Fields, which was designed by Architects Collaborative, in the 1950s.



Photos: Brandon Clifford

Matter Design

FR|SCH Projects


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