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Game of Thrones Conference

Art + Culture | 16 May 2017




Tomorrow, May 17th, in the Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, a conference about the fictional architecture of Game of Thrones will take place. Trienal de Lisboa invited Paul Ghirardani, the art director of the renowned TV series, to be part of the Critical Distance conference cycle and to present the scenography process, in CCB’s Grande Auditório.
There are several references: from Real Alcázar, in Sevilha, in the Palace of Dorne – the Martells’ house –, to the works of Frank Lloyd Wright in the Palace of Meeren or the works of Albert Speer to design the Bank of Braavos.
Paul Ghirardani is graduated in Three-dimensional Design, by the Kingston School of Arts, in the United Kingdom, and has a vast experience in cinema and television’s scenography, which has already won him five Primetime Emmys and two America Awards. Ghirardani will be discussing with the Portuguese architect Manuel Graça Dias.



Photos: Cortesia de HBO

Trienal de Lisboa


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