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Magazine Tech | 21 Sep 2016



Developed by the Polish company Mode:Lina, GESTERBINE is a skyscraper aimed at fighting the lack of water in the region of Wielkopolska, in Poland. The rapid urbanisation of the region, its position between continental and oceanic climates and the low levels of precipitation joined by high evaporation levels have led to a lack of water and to a frightening reduction in the variety of flora and fauna. The problem has been exacerbated by the drastic straightening of the River Warta, shortening its river bed by more than 100 km. With this project, Mode:Lina aims to combat steppisation, using wind turbines, human kinetics and water. The final design of the tower is the result of a series of experiments on human gesture kinetics. The idea is to transpose human body kinetic energy into vectors, which are then used to build an energy producing skyscraper.

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@Online exclusive

@Online exclusive


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Mode:Lina


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