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Happy Socks

Style | 20 Sep 2016




Its collections continue to be designed in Stockholm, Sweden, but the brand has already expanded to over 70 countries. The collection Local Hero is, as brand says, "a series of collaborations with a strong local connection". Local Hero presents 15 pairs of socks, designed by 15 different personalities, representing 15 different countries. Artists, designers, illustrators, musicians and even restaurant owners represent their local identity in each pair of socks. The project reflects perfectly the mission and the motto of Happy - "Bringing colour and happiness to every corner of the world".
Portugal was one of the chosen countries for the Local Hero 2016, here represented by the artist and illustrator Wasted Rita. The artist, who has added followers since the creation of her blog Rita Bored, has found space for her art in magazines, books, exhibitions and art commissions around the world.
In addition to Wasted Rita, the Local Hero has the collaboration of Iris Apfel (USA), Toykyo (BEL), Oner Folder (CZE), Papier Tigre (FRA), Anita Tillman (DEU) Riyaaz Amlani (IND), Uriel Yekutiel (ISR) , Scha Dara Parr (JPN) Broslo (NOR), AAT Brothers (RUS), Sabotage (SGP), Falko One (ZAF), Naim Josefi (SWE) and Bip Ling (UK).



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Happy Socks

Happy Socks

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