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Hegel Apartment

Interiors | 13 Jul 2016



The refurbishment of the Hegel Street in Polanco, Mexico City, began with the idea that the interior design of an apartment should faithfully reflect the lifestyle of their inhabitants. In this way, an elderly lady`s apartment was adapted to suit the requirements of its heir - a young graphic designer.
Efficient re-distribution of the space through carefully planned design transformed a traditional apartment into a modern and highly functional home. The old carpets that characterized housing were all removed, and the new apartment is marked by walls and ceilings in a polished concrete that give a relaxed feel to the space. During the remodeling process, they used many recycled materials such as old wooden planks that have been restored and painted in various colours that contrast with the concrete walls.
The result is an apartment that perfectly combines the refinement and the recycled. A house full of colour and modernity.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Rafael Gamo




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