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Heike Store

Magazine Interiors | 05 Apr 2017



We are in a modern furniture store in Hangzhou, China. A mysterious and narrow staircase takes us to the second floor of this space where a boutique is hidden, escaping, in almost everything, from traditional standards. The trip we make from the first to the second floor is at the same time, concealed and strengthened by a sculptural and impressive black sloping block. Appointed by the responsible designers as the centerpiece of this commercial project, the Black Cant integrates the connection between floors in a stylish transition. Cement, aluminum and mirrors merge in dark and solemn tones that make up the decoration of the new HEIKE store. In a poetic trip through the brand´s universe, we are surprised by the mastery way of a minimalist decoration with different textures and numerous geometric shapes. 

Featured in ROOF 7



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Yujie Liu e Jianzhou Wang

AN Interior Design Co.

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