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Highgate Hill

Interiors | 12 Apr 2018



The graphic backdrop – created by the owners’ extensive travel posters collection spread through the house – and the space’s natural lighting are two aspects that make this house renovation stand out, in Highgate, London, by studio LLI Design.
The owners’ main goal was to create a contemporary atmosphere, without it being cold or impersonal. So, the interiors designers betted on the redefinition of the different spaces’ dynamic, as well as in the change of the existing layouts.
They took maxim advantage of the available space but the house’s atmosphere changed, it became colourful and warming. The harmony can be felt in every step, but, regardless, they kept each floor proper character.
In order to flood the staircase that connects the seven floors with more light, a skylight – in the last floor, was opened, and a floor-to-ceiling window, in the third floor.






Photos/Styling: Rick Mccullagh / LLI Design

LLI Design





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