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Hikari Yakitori Bar

Interiors | 23 Feb 2017



Inspired by Tokyo’s nightlife, Masquespacio presents its last design for Hikari Yakitori Bar - a Japanese restaurant with the spirit of neighborhoods like Kabukicho or Omoide Yokocho, where most of the yakitori bars are established (Yakitori is a typical Japanese dish of grilled chicken on skewer). “We went to one of the most authentic neighborhoods from Tokyo bringing back their noise and smell, but reinventing their visual pollution”, said the designers. Starting from the façade we can immediately recognize the entrance to one of Tokyo’s tunnels, that invites us to experience space, intimate and eclectic, with a fusion of noble and industrial materials, classic and contemporary. The monochrome colour scheme and gray and rusty finishes make a perfect reinterpretation of the environment of the Japanese city. The light sculptures hanging from the ceilings and walls are a metaphor of neon signs so characteristic of the bustling streets of Tokyo.
The restaurant, located in Ruzafa, Valencia, is the second project from the founders of the famous Nozomi Sushi Bar.





Photos: Luis Beltran (


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