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House in Melgaço

Architecture | 20 Mar 2017

A project by Nuno Brandão Costa


The project of the house in Melgaço, in the Nothern Portugal, had its origin in pre-existing little rural stone building, that would have housed a family of 11 people. Nuno Brandão Costa’s plan, in collaboration with Filipa Júlio and Joanna Katherine Guimarães, was to expand the found ruins.
Brandão Costa architectural firm says: “The powerful landscape and the character of the existing ruin suggested an extension to the house like a timeless construction”. The dining and cooking areas split between two floors, united by an interior staircase on the northern façade. The living room and three bedrooms are on the expanded area, underground, but with natural light due to the opening of a courtyard on the east and the extension of the original façade, on the west.
Other three small buildings were built “to complete domestic life”. A concrete canopy, a glazed building – for a garden kitchen – and a swimming pool “enclosed by a dressed stone wall to accommodate the tank”.



Photos: André Cepeda

Nuno Brandão Costa

portugal 2020