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House in Sieroslaw

Interiors | 15 Jul 2016



The architects from the studio mode:lina took the design of the interior of this house. The task was to create a raw and minimalist space, because that`s what parents like the most, and at the same time friendly and safe for their baby.
The common part of the house is a spacious room, which heart is the kitchen with huge island, and where all functions are strategically interconnected. So quickly we move from the kitchen to the dining room and from the dining room to the living room, which is separated from the garden by large windows, allowing the feeling of constant contact with the outside.
The architects designed a large, open and full of light space. Characterized by the raw shade of the concrete, and decorated with minimalist furniture, in this house the only exposed objects are single chairs from famous designers that add colour details to the gray environment. The neutral concrete background allows highlight the furniture and lighting, emphasizing the small design notes.  
This house was newly built in Sieroslaw, Poland, and belongs to a small family - young parents, their small child and a dog.



Text: Isadora Faustino



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