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House in the Black Stones

Architecture | 20 Jul 2016



Located on the southern coast of Porto Santo island, the House in the Black Stones is a JBMG arquitetos project, in partnership with Carlos Rodrigues Brandão and Zina Oliveira in design and interior architecture, developed to maximize all usable space for construction. With an extremely functional internal spatial organization and "in a levels game framed in the natural slope of the land," this house is divided by terraced floors along a north-south slope, that allows a clear definition of the private and social areas of the house. Thus, on floor 0 we find the private areas of the house - rooms and toilets; on the 1st floor we have the social areas - living room, kitchen and an attached to support the outdoor pool; and, finally, the floor -1 are the technical areas - storage and outdoor parking. In the communication between floors, the architects wanted to enhance the indoor/outdoor relationship and they got it through pathways and outdoor rest areas.
The House in the Black Stones is a family house that combines the use of masonry with wood construction by Velharias de Janas, in partnership with Mood4Woodunder the responsibility of Carlos Rodrigues Brandão.



Photos: José Miguel Figueiredo and JBMG arquitetos

JBMG arquitetos


LT House



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