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In the Imaginary of Adi Goodrich

Magazine Art + Culture | 14 Nov 2016

Drawing, painting, architecture, engraving, history of art and animation. These were the areas through which Adi Goodrich travelled during her training, but there is a whole world, beyond creative areas, where the set designer, art director and American photographer has impressively established herself which have already led her to collaborations with brands such as Wieden+Kennedy, Target, Apple, Adult Swim, Pizza Hut or Toyota. Thus, this is the universe of Adi Goodrich, colourful, passionate and exciting.

How did the interest in design begin and how was your training in the area?

My interest in spatial design came from my father, who was a woodworker, a mechanic and a basic Jack of all Trades kind of guy. He instilled an interest in architecture in me at a super early age. Growing up, he`d buy houses that were cheap to rip apart and put back together in a really beautiful way. He was a self-taught in Architectural Restoration and building. We`d watch Bob Vila like he was our preacher. We hardly ever lived in beautiful homes, because by the time they were fixed we sold them and moved to another really awful house, but I learned to find beauty in this decrepit buildings and how to make them livable again. I became super adaptable with spaces and accepted the ugly and middle stages of building.  

Which are your influences in the creative area?

All the cool dead people. Ray and Charles Eames, Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Picasso, Matisse, Ettore Sottsass, Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Why set design? Do you remember the first set design you fell in love with?

I stumbled into it because I wanted to be friends with some people in a city I had just moved to, Los Angeles. (Jimmy Marble, specifically asked me to design sets for his movies) I also, after graduating, randomly got a job in window display and design at Barneys and Anthropologie, so I was kind of making sets that were just housed in shopping mall windows.

Featured in ROOF 5

@Online Exclusive

Photography: Sing-Sing Studio (Adi Goodrich + Sean Pecknold)
Set Design: Adi Goodrich
Client: Sagmeister & Walsh for Aizone

@Online Exclusive

@Online Exclusive

Photography: Sing-Sing Studio (Adi Goodrich + Sean Pecknold) 
Set Design: Adi Goodrich
Client: Headspace

@Online Exclusive

Photography: JUCO
Set Design: Adi Goodrich
Client: Schon Magazine


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Courtesy of Adi Goodrich

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