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Magazine Interiors | 10 Jul 2017



We knew, right at the beginning, what was ahead. We knew that we would be listening more than questioning, we knew that in INAIN´s work space conversations flow and that from these deep professional relationships are born, with due attention to details. It was the day to talk about design in INAIN`s showroom, however we also spoke about society, about the Portuguese people´s lifestyle, the Europeans, we shared ideas about the importance of luxury and craftsmanship and, once again, we were sure that these subjects do not finish inside the four walls of a design studio. They must "contaminate" the houses, the spaces for community living, the academy.
Mário Azevedo and Paula Ferreira Alves, husband and wife, are the faces of INAIN, an architecture and interior design office, based in Porto, which for the past 25 years has been transforming the way people live in spaces. However Mario`s former experience previously included, at least, one more decade of direct work with major furniture brands. Joana Azevedo, the daughter of both, is one of the latest members of the project, as she divides her activity between INAIN, as a partner, and her own architecture office. In this three-party dialogue, we realize why, for INAIN, it is essential to value the “living concept”, a feature that is always present in this office´s intervention.

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Private Project, Porto. ©José Campos

Private Project, Porto. ©José Campos

Private Project, Porto. ©Bruno Barbosa

Private Project, Porto. ©Bruno Barbosa

Flagshipstore Tanya Heath, Porto. ©António Chaves

Private Project, Lisbon. ©Francisco Almeida Dias


Futebol Clube do Porto. ©António Chaves


Private Project, Fão. ©Bruno Barboa

Showroom INAIN. ©Fátima Pinheiro

Mário Azevedo, Paula Ferreira Alves, Joana Azevedo. ©Fátima Pinheiro


Text: Cátia Fernandes


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