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iTechStyle Summit

Tech | 14 Feb 2017



The Cruise Terminal, in Leixões, was the host of iTechStyle Summit – 1st International Conference on Textile and Clothing, during the 13th and 14th of February. The objective of the event was to be a dialogue platform for academic institutions and industries of the area, an event with opportunities to learn, share and network.
The conference approached themes such as industry 4.0, digitation, new fibers and materials and smart structures or, even, sustainability.
The printing of electronic circuits to incorporate into textiles was one of the subjects addressed during IoT and Industry 4.0 session. João Gomes, from CeNTI – Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, talked about direct printing of the electronic circuit and the potential intelligence and functionality of textiles. Among other specific uses, João Gomes referred textiles developed for firefighters: textiles that monitor, for example, temperature and gas, and that give the alarm when needed.
Isabel Borges, from Altice Labs, referred several challenges of the area, such as, in the case of textiles for emergencies, protection against flames, heat and substances, and GPS integration. For fashion, Isabel Borges mentioned other challenges that are about textiles without stains or smells, or that are sensible to temperature or even home textiles, that are sensible and offer a changing home environment. On the military branch, an uniform adaptable do the surrounding environment, in terms of colour, and the invisible soldier were two of the mentioned challenges.
Multifunction and digital processes was another session that took place during the iTechStyle Summit. One of the speakers was Sylvie Hane, of Tanatex Chemicals, talked about the use of inkjet on textiles. Among other inkjet’s specificities, Hane explained that the processes in which inkjet is to be used interferes in its preparation. For example, about viscosity: if it is to be used on spray, it is needed low viscosity; if it is to print-screen, it is needed high viscosity.
The iTechStyle Summit was organized by CITEVE, in collaboration with Associação Selectiva Moda.



iTechStyle Summit

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