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Joana Correia

Magazine Design | 01 Mar 2016


Artigo, Cantata, Karma, Quando are the names of some of the typefaces created by Joana Correia, one of the few type designers based in Portugal. Ever since she was a girl, Joana has been dedicated to reading, during which time not only was she enchanted by the narratives and the characters, but equally fascinated by the kind of letter used in the printed text. Packaging design and their lettering also attracted her, and she would often take more of an interest in the wrapper than in its contents.

Having completed her master’s degree in architecture at FAUP and having worked in the industry, Joana concluded that this wasn’t what she wanted out of life and decided to go back to school, gaining a degree in communication design from ESAD. This is where she first came into contact with typography, both using it and designing it, and became aware that this was the sector she was destined for. This passion took her to the UK, where she took a master’s degree in typeface design at the University of Reading.

When Joana Correia looks at letters, she doesn’t immediately pay attention to their meaning or sound; instead she sees shapes, curves and lines, distinguishing their very particular idiosyncrasies – the letter A is the matriarch, defining the entire alphabet; Z and X are boring characters and different from all the others. (…)

Featured in ROOF 1

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Joana Correia

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