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Johnie`s Coffee Shop

Art + Culture | 11 May 2016



In Los Angeles sits a restaurant where we all already had dinner at least once. Actually, maybe this is not entirely true. But we are sure that you know Johnie`s Coffee Shop. Not because you had a memorable meal there, although there`s a slight chance you did, but because you`ve seen it before.
The restaurant opened in 1956 as Romeo`s Times Square and had served food and coffee until it closed, in 2000. Nowadays, Johnie`s Coffee Shop is a “Hollywood`s restaurant”. When a film director needs a restaurant or coffee shop with that 50`s California vibe he turns to Johnie`s.
Everything inside remains unblemished even though the restaurant has closed its doors for over 15 years. The lights are on, the tables are clean, the seats are polished. There`s just no one there.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photo: Wonho Frank Lee



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