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José Carlos Cruz

Magazine Architecture | 06 Oct 2017



We go in and are welcomed by wooden panels that surround us and lead to what is the work space of the architect José Carlos Cruz and his team. There ideas are born, lines are drawn, plans and projects are constructed on paper, which then become physical areas, three-dimensional places, a reality ready to be experienced.
It is an atelier that is basically divided into two areas: a more reserved space (the meeting room) and the work space of the 10 people who set up the team of this architecture office. The first, using a work table and several chairs round it, is protected by shelves where books on interior design and architecture proliferate. There is also a screen-display that permits you to view projects during meetings. The second space is distinguished by “open space” style, a distinctive characteristic that José Carlos Cruz values ​​and would maintain, even if he changed office. The workplace was, therefore, created to "respond to an operational point of view," even though the architect acknowledges that it would be helpful to have a few more reserved areas.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

José Carlos Cruz

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