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Jouer La Matière

Design | 19 Dec 2016



Jouer La Matière is a collection of designer Cédric Canaud that results from a research on the interactions between our surrounding art objects. The idea is to produce an object that finds its final form when it hosts another using, for example, paper imitates wood, marble or slate. Cédric made a series of experiments and the result is a collection of extraordinary objects and pieces of furniture. This collection includes the range of side tables À partir du Guéridon and the objects La Corbeille. The tables, are made of panels of raw pine wood, double-sided, offering the possibility to change the colour and pattern of the piece whenever you want and in an extremely simple way. La Corbeille is lightweight, easy to use and to deconstruct. In order to understand the role of objects in our habitat, the designer challenges the user to interact with the object, building it manually and exploring the different ways of using. The result? A fruit bowl, a paper bin or even a trophy.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: courtesy of Cédric Canaud

Cédric Canaud


portugal 2020