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Kki Sweets + The Little Dröm Store

Interiors | 19 May 2016


Kki Sweets sells handcrafted Japanese-inspired French cakes; The Little Dröm Store offers art and design driven knick-knacks. They both share a space at the School of the Arts (SOTA) building in Singapore. The design brief is simple – the two brands share a storefront but they need to keep their identities, trying not look like two completely separate entities. But the key challenge for PRODUCE WORKSHOP was to create a new space that meets the standards of the SOTA building, a commanding piece of architecture. PRODUCE as chosen to design two stores that, despite being independent entities, fit perfectly the features of the building.

The two spaces, one for KKI Sweets and other for The Little Dröm Store, are characterized by the contrast between the light wood, the bright colors of their products and the dark tones of the SOTA building lobby.

Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Edward Hendricks, CI&A Photography


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