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La Cardinale

Architecture | 04 Apr 2017



L. McComber was the architectural firm responsible for the rehabilitation of a semi-detached, Tudor style, house on Cardinal Street, in Montréal, Canada. It was built during the fifties and several annexes were added later, which blocked the entrance of natural light in the kitchen. So, when the owner gave the project to L. McComber, the main goals were the existence of open living spaces, the preservation of the “spirit” of that family home, and to make the most of the natural light and the view to the garden.
The side façade, with a Tudor style pattern, was extended to the back, creating a connection between “the two sides of the house”. The kitchen is, now, a space where the natural light abounds due to the large glass door, which gives access to the back deck, and the space’s double height. The architects, according to the owner’s wishes, made the living spaces in open plan.
The house’s interior was decorated “with elegant simplicity”. Frosted glass, light grey marble and white painted drywall are part of the colour palette. The stained red oak panelling in the dining room were preserved in their original state and “inspired” the finishes for all floors.



Photos: Raphäel Thibodeau

L. McComber


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