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Longchamp Paris

Magazine Art + Culture | 06 Mar 2018



Today there is an increasing general tendency to combine art with fashion. There are numerous associations between designers and top fashion brands with artists from different areas and, as a general rule, these partnerships result in unique collections, unforgettable runway shows and stunning shopping spaces.
Longchamp, a remarkable brand acknowledged internationally for its quality and sophistication, furthermore for its ability to reinvent itself, continues to amaze and express its creative energy throughout the world. This time, the French luxury brand generated a movement which intends to bring Art to the Longchamp’s store fronts. Paris, Shanghai and New York were the first boutiques where the Artwalk movement was commissioned, through the hands of Ryan McGinness, Franz Ackermann and Remed, respectively.

Featured in ROOF 13


© Remed 

© Ryan Mcginness

© Franz Ackermann


Text: Isadora Faustino


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