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LP 160

Tech | 22 Aug 2016



LP 160 is a modern and advanced loudspeaker that plays a sound of excellent quality from traditional audio devices - such turntables - and wireless devices - such tablets, smartphones or laptops.
The LP was born of an idea of Timothée Cagniard and three years of work and development carried out by La Boite Concept`s R&D laboratory. The goal was to create a high-quality speaker that which allows the optimal use of both traditional and more modern audio sources, without requiring any special set-up or the use of visible cables.
LP 160 is an interpretation of classic Hi-Fi system that combines design, high technology, quality and innovation, and was designed by Timothée Cagniard and Yvon Maurel, co-founder and technical director of La Boite Concept, respectively.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: David Meignan

La Boite Concept


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