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Interiors | 01 Sep 2016



Located on Drury Street car park, in Dublin, this is a unique restaurant in the centre of the Irish capital. Unlike most restaurants in town, Luna reveals its presence to the public only through two long rectangular windows that connect the space to the street and allow the people to glimpse the inside of that semi subterranean spot. Based on the concept of an Italian restaurant in New York, the decor of the dining room is characterized by the careful use of luxurious leather and dark wood paneling. The bathroom is probably the most impressive place in restaurant decor - it is almost a trip to an exquisite event, with a red velvet curtain leads the way to the luxurious unisex toilet.
Since its opening, the Luna has received several awards, as in the RAI Awards 2016, awarded in the categories All-Ireland Best Restaurant Award and Best Dublin Restaurant.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: ODOS Architects

ODOS Architects


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