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Luz Houses

Magazine Interiors | 29 Apr 2016


“Contemporary architecture sometimes forgets to arouse the emotions… the emotion of longing and comfort”. These words come by way of a confession, spoken by someone who knows her way around this field. Ana Alves is an architect by profession and owns Luz Houses, a hotel rescuing memories from time.
Time spent in this place is time spent feeding the senses. Each of them is tended to, cared for, as if someone caring for a lifelong project, which deserves to be drawn out in the way that it is thought out and balanced, in the way it is built. Luz Houses comes from the long held desire of Pedro Silva and Ana Alves to create a memorable place, which impels you to stay. Ana Alves, architect with postgraduate qualifications in restoring and renovation, has developed, together with the team at her practice – Segmentoponto4 – a work entirely made of emotions. For the hotel’s interior, the owners put their faith in Iznogud | Design Studio, which fell into line with the couple’s vision, striving to reinterpret the simple and ancestral architecture of the previous structure and of its surroundings.
Luz Houses stands in the centre of Portugal, in Fátima, and presents guests with varying morphologies, which communicate as if they were part of an old village. Indeed, for the development of the project, Ana Alves delved deep into the region’s housing traditions from the end of the 18th century onwards, striving to reinterpret the most striking characteristics from each period. This boutique hotel contains a range of interior communal areas, found inside the ‘Mother House’, the main building, and in the outdoor areas, which include a century-old cistern, a sheep shelter, a hermitage and natural cave (Luz Senses, a place for experiencing massages and treatments).


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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Luz Houses

Luz Houses

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