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MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Magazine Architecture | 24 Jan 2017



Architectural figure on the banks of the Tejo River, in the city of Lisbon; constructive element flattered by the tides of the river; bow that simultaneously plunges into the water and throws moorings to the shore; curvilinear geometry, undulating on the riverside front of the capital; concrete structure that acquires multiple and fluid games of light and shadow, as the day goes by; with an amphitheatre form, from where one can watch the scenes of Lisbon life; the building housing MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology was designed to be harmoniously incorporated into the landscape, becoming an integral part of Lisbon´s landscape.
Designed to be more than just a Museum, but also a meeting point and a leisure space, created not to compete visually and structurally with the neighbouring building of Tejo Power Station, but, on the contrary, compose with it a single element, the project, designed by architecture firm AL_A, Amanda Levete Architects, is composed of a set of materials that relate to both the surroundings and the Portuguese tradition: The facade combines inspiration from Portuguese ceramics and traditional Portuguese pavement and is composed of tiles that resemble fish scales and reflect the light of the place.
The interior rushes down through a ramp that ends at the centre of the oval gallery, receiving this name because of its elliptical configuration. It is in this oblong gallery that the three concepts of MAAT converge, unite and dialogue – art, architecture and technology, making use of a space that enables fluidity of movements, with the required size to conduct experimental creative works.

Featured in ROOF 6



Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: FG + SG | Architectural Photography

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