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Maison Lagarde

Architecture | 20 Mar 2017

La SHED Architecture


Built on a small Plateau-Mont-Royal street, Maison Lagarde is a 4-level residence characterized by its small square footage per floor. Therefore, the living spaces have been divided over two levels - the kitchen and dining room face the yard whereas the mezzanine living room is perched above. Considering the modest scale of the house, the architects of La SHED Architecture - responsible for the project - have chosen to organize the space with the intent of maximizing available surface area. The kitchen, located on the ground floor, adheres to this concept with its compact and highly functional design scheme. The entrance is separated from living spaces by a white kitchen cabinet block that allows light to pass above. The uninterrupted ceiling, meanwhile, provides the space with an accentuated sense of openness. The furniture is distinguished by its minimalistic design and fine finishing details. In heavy contrast, the kitchen island is defined by its matte black surfaces and accessories. The doors and huge windows allow residents to enjoy natural light that floods the space and accentuates the interior`s minimalist design.



Photos: Maxime Brouillet

La SHED Architecture

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