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Margot Krasojević Architects

Architecture | 10 Mar 2017



A photovoltaic ice skating rink, on a natural lake, in Russia. This project, of Margot Krasojević Architects, get different spaces together: an ice skating rink, outdoor cinema and a natural geothermal spa.
Usually, Winter temperatures averages -7ºC and keeps the lake frozen. Even so, and to be possible to enjoy the ice at other times of the year, the rink is equipped with photovoltaics cells that generate electrical current that enables to freeze the lake, which is flooded from below its surface so as to keep it frozen and to reinforce the ice.
The photovoltaic cells also provide energy for lighting and the cinema projector, as well as the charging stations. Unused energy gets back into the grid.
“The design [of the rink] intends to reflect the fluid nature and ever changing state” of its environment. Kamchatka is located high in the mountains and is surrounded by volcanic terrains and with hot springs close by. The ice rink is on a multipurpose location, that allows the different activities projected to the space.



Photos: Margot Krasojević


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