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Mariana, the Miserable One

Magazine Design | 18 Jan 2017



The hands on the clock just reached five minutes past 9 o`clock. We rang the doorbell and climbed to the second floor of a cozy building located on the Rua da Picaria, in Porto. We knocked lightly on the door, on the other side we were received by a sweet meow. “Good Morning” welcomed Mariana, the Miserable One and Virgílio, the cat. We found ourselves in a world where Mariana withdraws and also reveals herself. The office, also the home of the illustrator, is slightly over 30 m2. It is small in regards to the distance the view captures but immense for all the dreams and work that can be measured. Mariana says she likes it this way, it separates well rest from work and allows her a way to organize her day. She discovered this “bargain“, as she calls it, in 2013, a studio in the centre of Porto at an excellent price. She is where she wants to be.  Although her plans to move to Lisbon in 2017 are a certainty, the dimension of the space only challenges her when she is faced with large scale work. Virgilio also defies her attention and Mariana`s space, better yet, the space which is also his. In this “doll house” the natural light is constant – it´s one of the characteristics that Mariana most privileges in an office, besides being central, the beauty and of course, the space for her personal belongings.

Featured in ROOF 6





Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

Mariana, the Miserable One

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