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Miguel Arruda

Art + Culture | 19 Jul 2016



In the exhibition “Design of Light” architect Miguel Arruda reflects on the fact that the tile capture and spread the light through its glass surface. Miguel Arruda worked this major aspect and, applying tiles to lamps and other lighting systems, he keeped their decorative function. But instead of capturing their surroundings, they remain against the light, allowing a better reading of their surface and decoration.
The present project, developed by Exporlux and shown internationally for the first time at Light Building 2016 in Frankfurt, had another approach: the use of cork in lighting systems.
In his work as sculptor, designer and architect, Miguel Arruda associates objects with tile and cork coating, and creates an aesthetic language that employs a lot of the Portuguese identity.
The exhibition can be visited until July 31, at the Tile Museum, at Convent of the Mother of God.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Fernando Guerra


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