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Miguel Rocha Vieira

Magazine Flavour | 18 Nov 2016



Miguel Rocha Vieira is 37 years old, Portuguese and is an executive Chef at Fortaleza do Guincho. He has three Michelin stars on his curriculum and is also the Chef consultant for Costes Restaurant and Costes Downtown in Budapest.
The love story between Miguel and gastronomy began in the United Kingdom when, at 20 years of age he traded Cascais for London to study Hotel Management at the City of London College. In the second year of his degree, during a cooking class, he discovered what he believes to be his vocation. “I felt something that I had never felt before in relation to a profession. I think that maybe it is due to the feeling of freedom which I found upon entering that kitchen for the first time”, he says. On that same day, he began looking for culinary schools, and a few weeks later was already enrolled in the most prestigious culinary school in the world – Le Cordon Bleu. After an intensive one-year course in cuisine and pastry, Miguel Rocha Vieira worked and learned with the best. He began in London, then went to France and later on went to Spain. He admits that it was an unforgettable time, because, as he affirms: “There is something marvellous in our profession, every day we learn something new and enriching”.
In 2008, he decided to send his curriculum to Budapest and is invited to open the Costes Restaurant. In less than two years, Costes was glorified with a Michelin star and became a world reference.

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Pedro Sampayo Ribeiro

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