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Mirage Hardwood Floors

Interiors | 07 Feb 2017



Mirage is a hardwood flooring brand renowned for its quality, and is adding to its collections new floorings, that wish to meet the last quality requirements.
Imagine Collection has a new flooring: Driftwood, a nuanced grey that adds structure and character to the décor. This collection was made for families and people with pets, since the texture helps hid the common marks of daily life.
To Sweet Memories Collection was added Gelato and Peppermint floorings. The first is beige-grey, ideal for a minimalist décor, the second is ash grey, for a mineral look. These are two chromatic options that send back to the charm and authenticity of old-fashioned floors.
To Flair Collection, which keeps the natural look of oiled flooring without the maintenance, the Nightfall, a classic rustic that a gives a timeless look and more classic beauty. And to Admiration Collection, the Cape Cod that, with a creamy beige hue, makes us remember Scandinavia.
Another novelty is the board length, that now is up to 82 inches, making any room look bigger. Besides that, greater length means less boards, so fewer visible joints, yielding an even look.


Photos: Mirage Hardwood Floors

Mirage Hardwood Floors


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