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Mondo Deli

Magazine Flavour | 12 Jul 2017



They arrived at Porto about two and a half years ago, from Paris. Before that, Munich was home to Marcus Zietz, a fashion journalist, and Christian Haas, an industrial designer. In Portugal, they found the accomplishment of a passionate choice which would set a new professional challenge for both.
Mondo Deli is a place made of a genuine way of cooking that gathers, literally, different sensitivities at the same table. Several ingredients were aligned, but placing Mondo Deli in the ground floor and Christian’s design studio and the house in the upper floors was not an easy process, and it included the entire building’s renovation, in Rua do Almada. “The concept was clear. Of course, we had some changes in the furniture, we decided for these common tables, but the structure of the concept is really like as it was in the beginning”, Marcus confides us. We notice that Mondo Deli’s cuisine is the one in the hearts of Marcus, Christian and Catarina Garcias, the restaurant’s chef. They share secret recipes with friends worldwide and it is in that fair exchange that authentic food is created, with a highlight in Asia and the Middle East.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Isadora Faustino and courtesy of Mondo Deli

Mondo Deli

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