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Musée d’art de Joliette

Architecture | 02 Aug 2016



The Joliette Art Museum is recognized as the most important museum of regional art of Quebec. Over the past half century since its foundation, the Museum continues to expand its permanent collection, which currently comprises about 8.500 works gathered in four collections: Canadian Art, European Art, Contemporary Art and Archaeology
To meet the current requirements and continue to offer a range of new educational and cultural activities to its visitors, was necessary a profound transformation and an extension of the original building. In this sense, and to open up the institution to the community, was added a new gallery space, animation rooms, a café, conference rooms and a rooftop terrace. Special attention was given to the original building, and the architects chose to reveal the existing concrete structure that had been covered with brick and plaster over time.
Since its opening, the Joliette Art Museum has become a setting of excellence for social and creative activities, performances, exhibitions, guided tours, cocktails and concerts. 





Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Steve Montpetit



White House


Hupomone Ranch


Blanche Chalet

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