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Mygdal Plantlamp

Magazine Design | 09 May 2016


Designed for closed spaces, where the sun and day’s warmth cannot enter, the Mygdal Plantlamp lamp, created by designer duo Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke from the then Studio We Love Eames, now known as Nui studio, allows plants to grow in its interior without the need for sunlight or water. Available in two versions, ceiling and table lamp, the Mygdal Plantlamp features an LED light, which acts as the sun and which enables photosynthesis in the plants. The table version boasts a special characteristic – it has a conductive glass coating enabling electricity to pass invisibly over the surface, and doing away with the need for a cable between the power source and the LED light.
A self-sustaining ecosystem, the Mygdal Plantlamp adds greenery to the place it lights – the plants inside require none of the usual nurturing, nor natural light or even water and, according to the designers, they can flourish undisturbed for many years.

Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Nui studio

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