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Design | 03 Mar 2016


2001 marked the beginning of SWEAR, created by young entrepreneur José Neves, now the CEO of Farfetch, the second largest luxury fashion e-commerce site. At the time, the London footwear brand became an icon for the concept it presented and for the hybrid looks between trainer and shoe.

14 years down the line, at the end of 2015 SWEAR launched MYSWEAR, in exclusive partnership with Farfetch, transforming it into the first brand of trainers customisable into more than 80 luxurious combinations (materials and colours, including leather, suede, metal, in which you can choose the lining, sole colour and even your own embossed monogram), using the most advance of 3D technology.

MYSWEAR arose from the idea that every customer can design a pair of trainers that truly reflects his/her personality. (…)

Featured in ROOF 1

Text: Cátia Fernandes


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