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Magazine Design | 04 Jul 2016


The design process behind a product is always a voyage of discovery. At NEO/CRAFT, every piece has a different story and point of departure. Sometimes, the designer Sebastien Scherer draws his inspiration from everyday life, which he then recreates in a given object. This was indeed the case with the Iris lamps. During the ISaloni, in Milan, Sebastien had a moment of inspiration in a place totally removed from the Italian city. In a park, a group of children were blowing bubbles and the designer was fascinated by it. The movement and the shimmering effect of the bubbles created an amazing spectacle. After working on the idea for almost two years, Scherer found the ideal coating to ensure that the Iris lamps produced the perfect illusion of a soap bubble.

Featured in ROOF 3

Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Tobias Wirth


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