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NRG Sneakers

Tech | 19 Sep 2016




Talking about sustainability is not new. Talking about sustainability in the fashion world is increasingly urgent. At the end of New York Fashion Week the discussion was released after the presentation of a “shoe made of air”. Planned and executed by the energy company NRG and former Design Director at Nike, D`Wayne Edwards, these sneakers are made ​​from repurposed carbon dioxide. With a stylish and minimalist design, the prototype of this sneaker inspires dialogue between fashion designers and members of the energy industry about the need to invest in a greener industry.
The prototype will kickoff a contest called the Carbon XPRIZE, which promotes carbon dioxide recycling. In this contest, NRG, along with Cosia (Canada`s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance) are offering a $20 million prize for the development of technologies that convert carbon dioxide emissions into usable products.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: DR


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