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Nuno Grande

Magazine Architecture | 09 May 2016


Curator, cultural event organiser, architecture professor and critic, Nuno Grande thinks of cities in their many facets and dynamics. Composed of various configurations, colours, voices and noises, cities, or urban settings, have to evolve, just as the buildings that they are comprised of. For Nuno Grande there is no need to fear the contemporary world in its architectural form, as Portugal’s architectural heritage should be and has been enhanced with contributions from current architects. These new solutions shouldn’t be limited to mimicry. They can assert continuity, but also discord, as this can help “enhance the surroundings”. It is this discordant side, together “with the patina, with the wrinkles, the shortcomings, with the elements that cannot be seen” but which are discovered, which “make the relationship with any city more interesting”.


Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Orlando Fonseca

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