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Pablo Pita Arquitectos

Magazine Architecture | 01 Mar 2016


Natural acts inherent to the site where they are built, architectural objects that are planned as a response to the demands of the place, projects by Pablo Pita Arquitectos represent complex exercises in synthesis that presuppose rendering the simple and the immediate, rendering the indisputable.

The architecture practice, set up in 2010 by Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita, presents, thanks to the distinctive direction of its work, eclectic solutions, resulting, in their words, from “seeking the balance between a concept-rich approach and the meticulous intervention that any site demands”.

Despite divergent professional pasts, Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita have the Architecture Faculty of the University of Oporto [FAUP] in common, from which they graduated in 2007. The main teachings received at the School of Oporto were, as the architects see them, a concern for the site, the importance of drawing and the (apparent) simplicity of expression and of architectural proposals. In addition to these factors, the kind of sensitivity when approaching the project and the work process are equally identifiable with the School of Oporto.

The outline, the clear and assertive gestures, the interpretation of the surroundings, the strong conceptual nature and simplification, set apart projects by the Pablo Pita practice and have already earned it many awards in national and international competitions. (…)

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Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Pablo Pita Arquitectos
Photos of the Casa da Maternidade: José Campos

Pablo Pita

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