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Paulo Lobo

Magazine Design | 17 May 2017



“When we lightheartedly started this, in the 80’s, everything was completely different. I was different”. The beginning of the conversation with Paulo Lobo foresees a memorable journey through the universe of the renowned Portuguese interior designer. The adventure, that started “just for fun”, as he says, became serious, right away due to the proximity to a very strong aesthetic universe – Paulo Lobo’s father always worked with fabrics and, therefore, appreciating beauty was natural. “I feel that the major difference, what this entire journey taught me, was resistance and a certain serenity to solve problems, which I didn’t have at the time.  Through a slow journey, since we are in Porto and in Portugal, I have, at the moment, an idea of the market and the individual needs people have, increasingly they consult me and other interior design professionals”.
Acknowledge by the minimal and ethnical language used in his projects, he recalls that this was always a trendsetter that he took to his works. He considers “minimalism of international taste” to the aesthetics that began to be well-known in the 90’s. In his studio, an old warehouse in Porto riverside, Paulo Lobo intervenes, with a small team of two, in challenging spaces, most of them public, his atelier´s main field of work.

Featured in ROOF 8


Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz

The Sandeman Chiado ©José Campos

Villa Cascais ©José Campos

Villa Cascais ©José Campos


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Portrait Potography : Isadora Faustino

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