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Pedro MKK

Magazine Art + Culture | 09 Nov 2017



Pedro Miguel Caetano Correia. This is the name behind the inimitable photographs that make us look closely when we see @pedromkk Instagram profile. Pedro is a photographer. He is not an instagrammer. For him, Instagram is no more than a complement to his work, a display where he saw an opportunity to show his photographs in an easy and almost immediate way ­ – “I saw on Instagram a fast portfolio, where I could show my work to everyone ". His passion for photography began at Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis, in Porto, where Pedro studied photography throughout the three years of secondary education. Instagram boom occurred at that time and the young photographer from Porto found on that platform a chance to begin shooting every day and discover the path he would like to follow as a photographer – "I believe for a year now I publish every day on Instagram. Now with stories even more". However Pedro keeps truthful to his profession and photographs with a machine at all times, he never uses his mobile phone. Through Instagram, he explored his language, his image, "to be capable of something different and able to create a brand".

Featured in ROOF 11


Landscape Viseu

Landscape Cortegaça


Landscape Leça da Palmeira

Baile Maracujália XXIII / Oiôba

Urban Landscape Café Ceuta Porto

JUSTICE Nos Primavera Sound


Purple Hazin, Monster Jinx

Pete Rock & CL Smooth



Text: Isadora Fasutino
Photos: Pedro Mkk

Pedro Mkk

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