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Peretti Deli

Interiors | 31 May 2017



Moved by the desire to offer high quality products straight from the Mediterranean region, the owners of this space have given the inhabitants of Poznań a unique place dedicated to all lovers of Italian cuisine. In Delikatesy Peretti (Peretti Deli), the elegant atmosphere of the space reflects the passionate attitude of its owners. Using 90 m2 inside a historic residential building in the district of Jeżyce, Poznań, the architects of the mode:lina™ studio designed a space that houses a café, a delicatessen and space for sommelier workshops. Inspired by the atmosphere and aesthetics of ancient Italian architecture, the designers chose to use more traditional materials, gray stone and natural wood.
The products sold in the delicatessen play the most important role and are therefore proudly exposed. In the wine room, the bottles are on display in beautiful wood cabinets, and are arranged in a very clear and accessible way, facilitating customer choice. The interior, with neutral and bright colours, contrast with the furniture, lighting and decorative details purposely made in black.



Photos: Patryk Lewiński



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