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PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion

Art + Culture | 13 Dec 2016



The PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion, integrated in Guangzhou Design Week, is a project with the signature of the design team PONE Architecture which intends to rediscover the alternating potential of organized construction. Reflecting on creation and recreation, the designers also wanted to understand how to integrate architecture to further interact and blend cities, human beings and spaces, and created construction unit Transparent Shell. The structure is composed of multiple layers of woven and criss-cross transparent film which together create a sense of dynamism and fluidity that fills entire space. It produces various functional spaces, such as entrance, wall, ceiling or seating area, and visitors may feel free to use them and imagine the meaning of the different functions, thus building a space with "flexible and functional ideas".






Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: PONE Architecture

PONE Architecture



Art + Culture
portugal 2020