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Possible Cities

Magazine Art + Culture | 09 May 2016

“The city has squares of open words
like statues ordered to be demolished
The city has roads of deserted words
like gardens ordered to be uprooted.


There is no sky of words that the city doesn’t cover
there is no street of sounds that the word doesn’t run down
in search of the shadow of a light that doesn’t exist”.

José Carlos Ary dos Santos

If I were to build a city I wouldn’t be able to create a city, because a city is made by and of multitudes, of many movements, of varying rushing about and varying delays, of multiple words and sentences and meanings, of morphologies, syntaxes and semantics of the people who inhabit it and of its visitors. But if I cannot build a city I can imagine it, I can feel it as if mine – this city, which becomes entangled in streets and alleyways, and spreads out into avenues and squares; this metropolis populated with hopes and fears, with laughter and tears, with voices, screaming, mutterings, whispers; this urban setting of buildings that drown out the sky or aggressively tear through it. City where everyone dies and crosses paths without seeing each other, mature city made of the tenacity to always rise up.


Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro
Illustration: Sara Pinto

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