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Power in Five Images

Art + Culture | 22 Nov 2016


It is a powerful single seater, powered by two small human feet and part of the history of Mercedes-Benz. Bobby-AMG GT, inspired by the AMG for grown-ups, is a limited edition of vehicles designed for the most demanding drivers with 18 months and older. The world presentation was held at the Paris Motor Show in the month of October and marks the 20th anniversary of Bobby-Car. Bobby-AMG GT is, therefore, a historical vehicle which represents the fifth generation of this ride-on.



A new way of looking at the city. This was one of the strong motivators of the project subscribed by Heatherwick Studio for the Hudson Yards enterprise in Manhattan, New York. In a city filled with skyscrapers which captivate the eye, Thomas Heatherwick, founder and head of Heatherwick Studio, wanted to develop a project which people could use, touch and thus could relate to. Vessel´s inspiration, made up by 80 platforms, 154 stairways and almost 2,500 stairs, came from the enigmatic Indian constructions with thousands of geometrical stairways, which submerge from the ground. The work is predicted too be concluded in 2018.



Perfection has a place and time marked in The Art of Movement. The energy and graciousness of the gestures of over 700 elite dancers were eternalized by the lens of the well-known photographers Ken Browar and Deborah Ory; the authors of the book which is the result of the inspiring NYC Dance Project. The Art of Movement is a collection of images that petrify glorious poses and immortalizes the testimony of genial dancers, choreographers and artistic directors.



The new-pop of Emporio Armani comes together with the new-pop of the artist Camille Walala in a series six images and a video which, like a kaleidoscope, multiplies and refracts the pop style of the Autumn/Winter 2016 Accessory Collection of the Italian brand. Camille Walala´s creations amplify different objects and add to them an inebriating sense of movement. The work of the artist reinforces the authenticity of a truly contemporary message: instantaneous and unforgettable.



©Scanderbeg Sauer |

The 70th anniversary of the insignia ALPA, manufacturer of the legendary 35 mm cameras made in Switzerland, also celebrates the history of imagery. The date didn´t went by without reference and the ALPA 12 medium system format joined the commemoration celebrating its 20 years. The result is a numbered and limited set of 20 units, valued at nearly 18,400€. ALPA was born in 1946 and, having the history of the company travelled some complex chapters, today it is the leading company of the design of photographic objects of medium and high quality format, compared many times to precious musical instruments.


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