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Pritzker Architecture Prize

Architecture | 01 Mar 2017



The spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta are the Pritzker Architecture Prize’s winners, a prize known for being architecture’s highest honour.
The three laureates work together collaboratively since 1988, the year in which they founded their firm RCR Arquitectes. In their work, the three architects aim that the created spaces fit in their context.
This is the first time the Pritzker Prize is award to three architects.
The 2017 Pritzker Prize ceremony will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on the 20th of May.


(Foto de Javier Lorenzo Domínguez)


Photos: Hisao Suzuki - Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture Prize

Pritzker Architecture Prize


Oak Pass House


Casa Caldera

portugal 2020