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Proof Eyewear

Style | 27 Jun 2017



Once upon a time there were three brothers, in Idaho, United States, that got together to start a sunglasses’ brand which stood out due to its singularity. This could be the start of a fairy-tale, but it is not. Proof Eyewear is real and it bets on its products’ sustainability. Proof of that is the use of raw material “provided by the Earth”: sustainable wood, recycled aluminium; repurposed skateboards; cotton-based acetates.
Besides being eco-friendly, these glasses are handcrafted, with technic and attention to details.
Proof already has various collections, such as Eco Collection (Environmentally Conscious Optics – with cotton-based acetate), Wood Collection (with wood collected from forest certified by the Forest Stewardship Council), Skate Collection (made with Canadian Maple skateboards) and Aluminum Collection (which uses recycled aluminum).


Photos: Courtesy of Proof Eyewear
            Nathan Thueson Photography (product`s photos)

Proof Eyewear


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