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Puro Hotel

Interiors | 27 Jan 2017



In Palma, Spain, there is a 22 rooms boutique hotel called Puro which has an irregular configuration because it adapts to existing buildings. OHLAB, the office who made the refurbishment project for Puro Hotel, took the most out of its complexity and created unique spaces. Each room is different, with individualized layouts and solutions.
Hence, the Mediterranean essence is present through natural and local materials. Besides, a concern for OHLAB was the bathrooms which were projected as pleasurable spaces integrated in the bedrooms. The bathtubs, for example, are sculptural and freestanding, and were placed as any other piece of furniture. But not all is new. The solid wooden mandala doors, already part of the hotel, were recovered.
Puro is defined as contemporary but with local roots, a unique hotel that resembles an urban oasis. It has materials such as oak wood, cement, aged leather, cotton or linen. Also, most of the furniture was designed by OHLAB for Puro Hotel, having as a purpose create a relaxed atmosphere.
The rooms also have strategically located customized mural paintings, made by Pedro Oliver, who worked with OHLAB in this project.



Photos: José Hevia





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